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Komunikujeme o.s.


The motto of Komunikujeme o.p.s. is ‘through communication to cooperation’. An NGO, it is at the service of creating a better social climate in society, using every possible means evolving at European level and via EURO-citizenship.

Komunikujeme’s aims are environmental (in contributing to environmental protection, healthy living conditions and cultural heritage), educational (events for children and the public, teaching, active spent leisure time; participation of children and youth in public life), social, health care-related and humanitarian (advisory, through consultancy, information dissemination, system and network services) and cultural (support in the area of improving the cultural climate). Komunikujeme works in the field of project and professional activities, when realizing project execution and cooperation within the realization of EU projects, as well as global projects, specifically in all the areas supported by the EU and globally-supported areas and including advisory activities and consultancy during the preparation of such projects. Komunikujeme also realizes the promotion and organization of sports activities and healthy lifestyle development of sports activities and sports grounds. In addition, Komunikujeme realizes employment and social activities such as career consultancy and voluntary activities.