Children Rough Sleepers

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Network description

The CRS Network is composed by many organizations willing to participate in an on-line virtual network providing resource of information, news and services available to support the network partnership and the EU States on any issues related with Children Rough Sleepers. The Network facilitates the bringing together of many different organisations that deal with Children Rough Sleeper issues, thus strengthening their cooperation and collaboration.

By joining the network, partners from across Europe can:

  • ¤ Access the latest information on Children Rough Sleepers
  • ¤ Disseminate their own events, best practices, studies, publications & knowledge related to Children Rough Sleepers topics
  • ¤ Access a free Newsletter on Children Rough Sleepers matters
  • ¤ Be informed about funding information on Children Rough Sleepers issues
  • ¤ Access free training/workshop/seminars & free national and international conferences
  • ¤ Access dedicated educational programmes
  • ¤ Be part of a European network of specialists, organisations & services working together to tackle Children Rough Sleeping issues in Europe
  • ¤ Be part of a ‘joined-up’ voice in regard to Children Rough Sleepers themes

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