Children Rough Sleepers

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The CRS Project

The project lies on the Daphne Priority “Children as Victims/Perpetrators of violence (CVP)”. It focuses on Children Rough Sleepers who are Runaways (ie. run away, leave, thrown out from home or supported care accommodation and sleep rough) and Homeless (those who sleep rough because they are for whatever reason homeless). This target group are vulnerable children, victims of sexual exploitation/abuse and can be perpetrators of crimes to survive on the streets. Policy developments over last 20 years have had little impact, numbers of rough sleeping children have risen, their needs not been met and preventative protection measures have not benefited them.

This project is linked with EU POLICY – UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (1989) and contains articles concerning the rights of all children & their protection: “parties recognise the right of every child to a standard of living adequate for the child’s physical/mental/spiritual/moral/social development”.

The project objectives are:

1. RESEARCH into extent/ scale of the problem, evaluation of current services, target group needs and experiences, identify best practices/ policies/ services. Research into Children as perpetrators of violence to survive.

2. NETWORK DEVELOPMENT of a online virtual network resource of information/ news/ services supporting EU. This facilitates bringing together 200+ agencies/ professionals strengthening cooperation /collaboration. It will provide an information resource for children & communities.

3. CAPACITY BUILDING/KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER to share knowledge/ experiences of best practices, development /delivery of 54 training workshops & 10 conferences targeted at key professionals. Educational programmes targeted at children/ young people/ parents/ communities.

4. DISSEMINATION/EXPLOITATION to maximise awareness of the issues/ensure the project legacy remains strong after DAPHNE funding ends. This objective will be targeted at grass roots organisations, EU networks/media/policy makers in EU institutions & endure project results feed into national/EU policies & contribute to new EU initiatives.
Project Workpackages are : 1.Project Management, 2. Research, 3. Network Development, 4. Training Professionals, 5.Empowering Children, 6. Dissemination/ Exploitation of results.